Monday, April 5

Tsergo Ri circumnavigated

Another fabulously clear day – all bodes well for Shisha! Relaxed start before ascending the trail to Tsergo Ri. Was here last in 2006 when a flag ceremony was occurring and the entire Kyanjim Gompa village also ascended the peak. It was a jolly affair with much singing, dancing, drinking and eating – all this at 4,950m, higher than the highest point in Western Europe. See here for 2006 entry & photos.
“Peak” is possibly a little grand as it just looks like a big lump of dirt. So this time instead of climbing it again, I decided to explore a lower subsidiary peak (by 25m). This led to ending up half way round so I decided to carry on all the way round to see if I could locate the other (less used) route up. Next posting will give a bit of an insight (and hopefully short video) of what I found. In the end, was a 7 hour 15 minute day including a 1,225m ascent. Felt really good and trek was a great boost to my moral as no altitude affects or need for any Diamox

Major on the trail

"My" spot

Looking down the valley

Tsergo Ri back left - Major "pulling" as normal

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