Wednesday, April 28

Day 15 ABC – Penitentes Camp

Great sleep, up early to try sort out bloging – get content but no pics
Prepare for Camp II carry. Only bamboo stakes a little short as some fell off yak that was bringing them up from BC. Take about 1h 48mins to ABC so fitness at his height improving.

Contrast of Penitentes

Camp I visible from "Birdie" rock

Snow starts at Depot, so rest to see what happens. Stops so get ready to cross Penitentes. Really enjoyed the “crossing” - its about trusting your crampons, ice screws and ice axe. Weather gets worse, but I'm in such a good mood does not really matter. I'm alone in the crossing and having to follow faint trail underneath the fresh snow. What an amazing world! Gromit says that I'm experiencing another paradigm shift!. Then out we pop and there is my Gemini tent waiting for me. All gear is in the tent – tad full but cozy. Dinner have spag bol and then custard – never eaten so well on the mountain. Still windy at 7:30, but less snow. Hopefully I won't need to make trail to Camp I.Very good chat to Mrs H – she is my star – keeps telling me about big rocks on other side of the Penitentes. I love her to bits - “simple”...

My Penitentes Camp & load to Camp I

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