Tuesday, April 27

Day 14 ABC – Rest

Slept well, Kono (Chizuko) spills the beans re my birthday – had dates from Chinese visa's
Rest, charge, treat, clean, write, update plan, rest...
See on Explorers Web that Miss Oh Eun-Sun (Korean) becomes first lady to complete all 14 8,000m peaks, having just climbed Annapurna.. Also see that unfortunately Abbey Sunderland has to put in for repairs and hence end her solo quest to sail around the world.

Sera & team “baked” me a cake – fabulous and the entire group sang happy birthday.

Discussed some climbs in Bolivia and Peru with Scott & Nicole – will be taking Claire to a few of their spots. If Scott & Nicole read this, I've just taken the “breakfast shot” for them – sorry Scott that we had to exclude you – just a bad hair day.

So resting over for the time being, will be going back up to Penitentes camp on Wednesday. Objective of this trip to establish camp II as high as possible – some tents have already been set up at approximately 6,850m, so likely that I will follow suit there...

THANK YOU for your messages and DONATIONS
I will respond individually on my return!

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