Thursday, April 15

Day 2 – Base Camp

Did not sleep very well last night. Was also pretty cold at -2 degrees outside. Am trying not to take any Diamox but if lack of sleep (and crazy dreams) persists will have to. Did take a Paracetamol. Calm clear day with more snow on Shishapangma. This clears during the hot day and exposes its rocky mass. Rest and drink all day. Little headache at lunch time - oh the joys of high altitude. This routine will carry on over the next couple of weeks as my body slowly adjusts to the height gain and lack of oxygen. USA couple arrive today, so at least the group is in sync. The yaks are arriving on Saturday so we will head up to Advanced Base Camp (ABC) at 5,600m them. Its about an 18km walk.

Thanks very much to Simon, Laszlo & Dries for their contributions to the Rainbow Trust

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