Saturday, April 17

Day 4 – Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp

7h25 on trail
5,688m max altitude
5,041m min altitude
Avg HR 130
ABC position N28 26 27.6 E85 46 33.0 for those following on Google Earth
17.5 km distance

So a very long and hard day including 600m height gain from 5,000m. Had forgotten the end part of the trail so its seemed to carry on forever. Major did a good job of “dragging” me along. Think it was a first for him, seeing me so stuffed. Had most of my electronic gear in my pack – don't trust the yaks with it, so a bit of a load. The weather turned in the end so a bit windy and cold for the last hour or two. Thought we were getting close at one stage, but then spotted the yaks miles away and up on a ridge – yes they did overtake us even though we started before them. Two loads of yaks, with first dumping gear in the wrong location, and second arriving quite late. This all led to camp being setup late and we all got a bit cold. Once tent up, slept until diner. Must take my hat off to the yaks for their amazing character – most are very peaceful and patient, especially with the big loads that they carry.

View back to BC from Tibetan plains

Major on Ice Lake

Loading yaks at BC

Stuffed Hoseman

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  1. Great photos, terrific yak shots! Best wishes on your journeys.


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