Saturday, April 10

Kathmandu to Zangmu

There are 4 groups getting ABC support from Asian Trekking
- German (DAV Summit) 6 members with 1 Sherpa
- Japanese 1 lady member with 2 Sherpa's
- USA one couple no Sherpa's
and me
The USA couple are coming in via Lhasa so we will see them at Base Camp (BC)

The border crossing is always a little disorganised and unpredictable, so I was not surprised to be pulled over to one side due to the quantity of electrical gear that I was carrying. My Garmin GPS drew quite a bit of attention and at one stage it looked as though they would not let it through. Not the greatest as I am climbing on my own and would be relying on it in poor weather conditions. After a significant amount of discussion and some assistance from the CTMA border liaison man (who I remembered from the previous two entries) it was released back to me. Thew!
Although the road has improved significantly (and a better “restaurant”) there are still no photos of dear Zangmu – its still a dump!

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