Monday, April 5

A good place to end up

It's not going to happen for a while but for when it does, I have found the place where I would like to end up - N28 12 36.6 E85 36 15.6
A pudding bowl comes to mind – but a bowl with grassy bottom, a couple of small lakes and surrounded by 6,500m plus snow capped peaks. There are already two stone”cairns” there, so I can't claim to be the first to have thought about this being a special place. It's very peaceful and nice that a pair of eagles soar gracefully above. Whoever is going to put me there can either do a nice trek – recommend in early April for the best weather, or fly up from Kathmandu by helicopter (might need oxygen as probably a bit high for such a fast ascent). For those trekking I recommend pay a little more and get a good comfortable jeep to take you to the start of the trail (rather than the very reasonable local bus, with chickens, potatoes and 30 over the standing limit (excluding the other 25 on the roof!))

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