Summary of attempts on reaching Shisha's summit

Attempt Four: 2012 - April - 24 days
Langtang trek with Major Hume

On Shisha reached camp I

Attempt Three: 2010 - April - 27 days
Langtang trek with Major Hume

On Shisha reached Camp II - 6,800m

Thank you Shishapangma ... for exposing my inner self to me.
It has been a lonely journey requiring an inner strength and a level of self motivation that I did not know I possessed. Those nights up on the “hill” with the wind blowing and snow icicles searing the surface. Those endless steps uphill. The feeling of lack of control wondering where the energy would come from to lift my leg, boot, foot one more time. The apprehension while trying to launch oneself over the crevasses. The waiting for the immanent collapse of the ground beneath one's feet. The endless waiting out the bad weather at ABC – orange madness. The 2:00am Jetboil sessions heating up water-bottles with constant spindrift falling in the tent. The endless planning to stimulate action and to help motivate myself. The loneliness of not being able to communicate with anyone. That slog up to Camp II – I still don't know how I managed those 13 or so steps at a time. In retrospect that was my summit push. I was mighty proud to get up there.

2009 - April
Fractured arm on Jan 16 in Peak district UK
Namche Bazaar trek with Mumsie and Dad & Sonal
Tibet visas difficult to obtain, then expedition costs triple
Therefore no expedition to Shisha

Attempt Two: 2007 - September - 36 days
Renjo Pass trek with Major Hume

On Shisha reached Camp I - 6,400m
Stronger than 2006, but weather not good for a single Hoseman on the mountain

Attempt One: 2006 - September - 25 days
Langtang valley trek

On Shisha reached Camp I - 6,400m

"So to have the opportunity to learn about the (mountain) environment and oneself is amazing. One can read, one can listen and one can watch (videos), but to actually be there is another thing. An amazing an experience. Zhangmu bug did not help, but massive learning curve...

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