Friday, October 5

Day 28 - 4th October - Retreat - "that's all folks"

Well after the cramped cold windy night, the morning was not much better.
After a large amount of radio talk I made the decision to go down. The team
at camp 2.5 were not having much fun, but would still see if they could make
a summit attempt. I could not see any "window" so decided that after all
this time, I will call it a day.

I'll "muse"? more about this later and add some photos from the trip, but
for now will say that I'm back at ABC (after pulling all I could manage down
from the hill and through the Penitentes), safe and sound.

Quick Update - 5th October
Shisha is covered with cloud - all teams retreating

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  1. Hi Mark,
    Glad to hear you got down to ABC R&S intact. Any cheap tents still left up there? Hmmm, maybe next year...
    P in KTM


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