Saturday, October 6


1004 THUR: Brief call to Mumsie (while I was out) to say: “Just got back after retrieving camp equipment. End of attempt. Weather too bad. Going back now.”

1005 FRI: “I am exhausted – after all that deep snow!” But, Gromit is FURIOUS! The position here is that everyone is coming down the mountain now. No one is summiting anywhere. Some groups have already left.
At the same time, although the weather has really been horrible, the experience has been fantastic. I Feel comfortable with myself – highest point reached was Camp 1 (6440m). Now, the yaks are arriving in three days time. We'll spend some time clearing the camp and then leave Base Camp day after tomorrow (SUN 7?)
The Jeep is booked and in three days time will go to Kathmandu. (MON 8?) which means I will have to spend one night in border town Xiang Mu.
Flight back is also booked and will depart Kathmandu on THUR 11. While in Kathmandu will add more pictures to blog.
From now on, Claire will determine where to go and how high to climb. Have heard Peru and Ecuador offer good climbing opportunities (!!!) – better day trips available.
Have put some stuff on blog in form of emails but they are in the wrong order. Please go into blog and put them in correct order. Go to Edit\Posting Options. Flattering to learn of Chippy’s email. Stick it on.

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