Thursday, May 17

Day 24 - 17 May - Shishapangma - Au revoir

"Parting doesn't have to be sweet sorrow..."

Shisha showing jet stream impact - from Advanced Base Camp

Yes it's good bye (again) Shisha. Hmmm I can hear you all say...
Taking all I know and can see, I believe that 1. the lack of climbers on the mountain and 2. the current wind patterns will not allow me the opportunity of getting above camp I. I may be proved wrong, but perhaps 2012 will another year when no one summits Shisha

Perhaps that's how it should be - they do feel amazingly sacred places

As you know the journey (all these times) has been the important part. I'm now familiar with this path... No need to return to experience more...

I was definitely the strongest and most prepared (other than the EV2) this year.
I loved my days on the hill. The control I felt was amazing - even in "Luke's" blizzard.

Its a shame I did not get to the top of Yebokangjial (my secondary objective).
It only required a 2 day adjustment of days/weather. But one can't just decide that schedule. 

Again, I will use this experience in my future, as Sir Ran says it will be part of my future motivation.

All the best


  1. Anonymous2:45 pm

    Mark you are in inspiration! I wish you well on your journey home and hope that there will still be another time. Go safely


  2. Anonymous10:24 am

    Hi Mark, as you say 'Parting does not have to be sweet sorrow'. Congratulations on getting so far & for staying so positive. Have a safe journey home & we both look forward to catching up with you in London.
    Stay safe & keep your spirit high
    Su & Chris


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