Wednesday, May 2

Would you like to come for dinner?

What do you eat on the mountain? 

I eat specially prepared, high-calorie, freeze-dried food from a company in the UK called Expedition Foods and choose things such as chicken korma with rice.

Until I found this supplier, I always battled to eat on the mountain as not  feeling hungry is one of the effects of high altitude. This brand makes it a little easier for me to keep eating as its food somehow tastes better than others I have tried. Preparation is also easy -  just add boiling water. I know that eating is important to replenish the calories I have burnt after six hours and more each day when I will be climbing and making camp, especially if I want to “work” at the same level the next day. 

This year, I also have a large number of high-energy powder, gels and bars which I use when cycling which, hopefully, I will eat too to keep my energy levels high. I’ve also packed some Cokes and Red Bull and will drink these, mostly after returning to ABC as they are too heavy to carry up the mountain.

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