Wednesday, May 9

Day 16 - 9 May - Shishapangma Advanced Base Camp - continued

So which cheeky person said “Aww Mark, was that by design or default.... ?!” regarding the lack of photos?
I was a plonker and left my camera at Camp I

Although at ABC had some odd breathing moments last night
 as lower should be enjoying the richer oxygen proportions so this should not be an issue at these levels:

Some Relative Oxygen Rates:

8,848m   33% (Everest)
8,000m   36% (our summit is 20m or so higher)
7,500m   39% (Camp III)
7,000m   41% (Camp II)
6,000m   47% (on way to Camp I)
5,500m   50% (ABC)
5,000m   53% (BC)
4,000m   60%
2,500m   73%
1,000m   88%
0m           100% (sea level)

I do feel well acclimatised at present
My plan is still to follow the Sherpa’s tomorrow am

Summary of gear at Camp I
Mountain Hardware (MH) EV2 tent – think the Terra Nova Gemini is better – will have for Camp II
Ghost -40 sleeping bag
MH large puffa jacket
MSR stove
4 meals
Grivel spade
Summit Gloves

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