Sunday, May 6

Day 13 - 6 May - Shishapangma Depot Camp - Prep for Camp I

I have always found it a good idea to get all my gear to Depot Camp at 5,850m as early as possible. The second part to this is to trek from ABC to Depot camp the night before, hence reducing the 2 hour walk on the day that you are actually climbing to Camp I. Depot camp is situated on a rocky/icy moraine, just next to the Penitentes (long patch of massive ice teeth)
So as Feather mentioned I got two Tibetans to carry all my gear up to Depot Camp with me. On arrival I cut a tent pitch and unpacked all my gear into the Terra Nova Super Quasar tent I use here – little larger and bomb proof for winds.

Depot Camp. Platform cut out for tent.
I then have to go and chop some ice from the Penitentes for melting and boiling later. Just a note that the ( 2 to 3 hour) route up to Depot Camp from ABC is a little challenging. It’s a rocky moraine with mud slides… I broke my thumb a couple of trips ago along here. So amazing that the Two Tibetans could actually carry such large loads (over 30kg’s) over such difficult terrain.
I had lighters from three countries – UK, Nepal & China – none worked, even after I had warmed the stoves and gas canisters in my down sleeping bag with me for most of the afternoon. Oh well, just had to have some cokes as hydration and energy bars for food. Without a working stove an attempt is probably impossible! The food (3rd priority) water (2nd Priority) but importantly having some boiled water (1st priority) to keep one warm are all important. At Camp II in 2010 I spent most of the night awake just boiling water to keep my extremities warm.

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