Tuesday, May 15

Day 22- 15 May - Shishapangma/Yebokangjial - Retreat

Another "Man Alive!", what a night!
Pack up as soon as light. Jet stream (see article on Explorers Web) still roaring - calm, roar,calm roar...
Pack entire tent contents (have to do this all inside else will just get blown away)
I'm exhausted and low on energy - due to no sleep or food, but probably due to no options, muster the motivation to do it. Then its a matter of timing my exit. Need to put on my crampons...
I;m leaving the tent - as mentioned previously made the mistake of not using my Terra Nova Gemini - would have been a much better option - actually a major mistake.

Exit, blown literary to the "crest". At least the wind is behind me...also good for any crevasses as will help blow me "over" them if I'm to puncture through.

As I drop, less impact of the wind, relief. Got to push down

Arrive at Penitentes, much calmer now, what was all the fuss about?

Penitentes a bit of a struggle, but soon at Depot Camp. Hour sleep, then down to ABC
Gallon of sweet milk tea...

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