Wednesday, May 9

Day 16 - 9 May - Shishapangma Advanced Base Camp (ABC) - Thanks

To those of you on Facebook and those who have commented on the blog – great to get your feedback and enthusiasm
As you are aware I’m trying this on my own. It’s often very hard to maintain the forward momentum. Especially when the Giro is currently on TV – ha ha
Yesterday while walking back down from Camp I, I had a multitude of thoughts - mostly about coming back home. Even though I had achieved camp I (again, been there every attempt), I think that going in the wrong direction (i.e. down) is very soul destroying. It’s an obvious fact though, I have to go down to collect the next camps gear. But because it’s the wrong direction, it erodes everything.
So to reiterate, the “likes” and comments are really appreciated!

Thanks so much to Feather, for taking my calls and updating the blog so well on my behalf (mainly when I’m away from ABC).
I call her very erratically, so appreciate her patience and interest – you are doing a great job!

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