Monday, May 14

Day 21 - 14 May - Shishapangma/Yebokangjial - GOYA and change!

I have decided to make a major change to my plans!

About 6 years ago, Jamie McGuinness (Project Himalaya) and some of his clients, climbed a small snowy peak called Yebokangjial  - just to the right of Camp II.
Its fairly prominent on most of the pictures of Shisha from ABC – snowy mound to the right


This peak at approximately  7,070m is my new objective. So no 8,000m for me. One of my objectives out the door….See curvature of the earth from earth….

This is due to 2 main reasons:

1.       Seeing the jet stream lower itself on Shisha, I think the clear weather wind is now past us
a.       Visible by wispy  clouds on the summit, misty (very strong) winds at all lower camps, and generally colder Westerly winds at ABC
2.       Depth of snow up to Camp III
a.       I think that this is the crux of the climb – yes just getting to Camp III!. Already there have been reports from other teams and our Sherpa’s about the depth of snow around and above Camp II
b.      If its thigh deep, I cannot carry a load…

So my plan is to go up to Camp I today, Camp II tomorrow, and then go the  next day to see what Yebokangjial has to offer!
It is unfortunately through the largest crevasse zone on the mountain…

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