Wednesday, May 16

Day 23 - 16 May - Shishapangma/Yebokangjial - Crevasses

So yes these fellows do cause some concern...
The small Argentinian team had to help pull out a Japanese climber from a slot this year.
In 2010 while on the way up to camp I, I saw a climber (on skis) disappear. 

So as I mentioned they are prominent on the way up to the crest (to Camp I) and also on the lower sections up to Camp II (on the recce we found 9)

So one can rope up together (and then use standard crevasses rescue techniques if one (or more) of the group pop through). The more people the better, as if the fallen climber is injured during the fall and can't help him/herself, then the others often have to resort to use pulley systems to get them out.

This year I just popped the roof of a couple. My forward momentum, luckily got me to the "other side". But these were not wide crevasses, and due to the wind, had many levels that were "blown" closed.
Where is that right leg?

One can either be petrified or just long as not too frequent!

See, its was just a small one....heaven knows whats below that little hole

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