Sunday, May 13

Day 20 - 13 May - Shishapangma - Preparations for mass exodus of all other teams & plans

As you may be aware Project Himalaya decided to try a late tactic this year.
We arrived at ABC after many teams had already been here for weeks.
Hence the summits of Juanito & Carlos only on our day 18 – for them it possibly was around their day 35/40

As you know, I have some pre-criteria that is required for me to at least to have a chance of reaching the summit. These ALL have to align correctly:

1.       Good health
2.       Have eaten enough – i.e. good energy stores
3.       Have a trail – i.e. as I’m carry a load, I can’t make the trial for too long (else I probably won’t get to my destination camp), just too exhausting (note the Sherpa’s, Gyalzen, Ngima & Kaji can easily do this – amazing, hence why I track other peoples movements and try to follow them
a.       Note that this year, somehow I have been the first (on a day) on two occasions to Camp I – luckily the snow conditions did not erode too much of my energy supplies.
b.      My ration of steps also increased from approximately 10 steps per rest period (2010)to 30 steps per rest period this year  – am feeling good BUT do see later note
4.       As single on the mountain (some think stupid/crazy…) as few crevasses as possible (this was my main issue in 2010 – risk/reward balance)
5.       Good weather – after last note seems to be the biggest fact, but only one part

As the other teams are now packing up, I have less choice for options 3 & 4. The reality and impact of being later is setting in…

Climbers retreating at end of their "stay"

Luke’s group have the following plan:
Today, Camp I
Tomorrow, Camp II, Sherpa’s leave to Camp I & II
Day after, Camp I then back to ABC

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