Wednesday, May 9

Day 16 - 9 May - Shishapangma Advanced Base Camp (ABC) - Summit window and plans

We have certainly been in a Summit window (clear skies, no precipitation (snow), and relatively low winds) for the last 4 days.
For the groups who had already acclimatised it would have been a perfect “window” for a Summit attempt.
I think though, that the highest climbers had been, was Camp II (approx. at 7,000m).
It will be interesting to see if this “calm” period prevails, as if not I believe that after this attempt the majority of climbers will end their trips.
The groups that are still here, were climbing onwards to Camp II yesterday and probably Camp III today.
Luke’s Project Himalaya group are spending their second night at camp I tonight.

As I still need to acclimatise and build my camps, this current window is not really relevant. The important question, is will we get another one?
I remember that this time in 2010, there was a similar “window” – that’s when Uwe summited the central summit.

I’m sitting at ABC, trying to eat to replenish what I last over the last 2 days. It would be good to go to Depot camp this afternoon, in preparation for taking Camp II’s load up to Camp I tomorrow.
I probably have about 5 hours to make that decision!

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