Wednesday, April 14

Day One - Base Camp

Leave at 9:00 exactly! Fantastic drive on new road and wonderful weather. This is what its all about – getting close to them hills. It seems as though it has been ages since I left London. Shishapangma peaks out above some low lying hills. 3rd time lucky! Stop at the high point (pass) on the route. Throw some prayers (printed squares of coloured paper) into the wind. Last section of road still dirt and soon we stop at our “home” for the next couple of days. Truck with barrels had arrived the day before so kitchen & dining tents already erected. We assist the Sherpas by pitching our own base camp tents. Great to be here, even though the climb from 3,750m to approximately 5,000m is quite a jump and knocks one flat again. Will take it very easy until the body gets used to the lack of oxygen. Soup, tea, dinner & bed.

Shisha's two summits just peaking out back right

View of Shisha from 5,000m road pass

Group shot including Monk

Major joining in, Shisha behind

Entering the Tibetan plains

Tibetan house

Typical Hoseman

Shisha across the plains

Zoomed view of Shishapangma from BC at 5,000m
Sharp ridge is North ridge leading from Camp III to Central summit

View from BC tent

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