Friday, April 9

The men in my life

So what keeps me going?
I've recently been asking a couple of people “who has provided inspiration in your life?” and it seems a common answer is “my parents”, and no one else is then mentioned...
I don't think I have been “inspired” (I'm talking about "extreme"inspiration if there is such a thing) by my parents. but don't get me wrong and let me explain.
My parents Wendy & Ray, have both been very successful and are both a very important part of my life - we are a strong triangle - as I like to put it. They have also provided me with all the opportunities early on to develop and take advantage in any avenue I wanted to.

I think though I have got my inspiration (and therefore commitment and determination) from going out and finding people from whom I can gain strength through either their endeavours or teachings.
I think success is all about achieving a paradigm shift. As an example, if you have already done a 200km cycle race with 5,000m of ascent, then a 109km race with 1,500m of ascent is much easier and importantly more possible from a mental point of view. If one can get ones mind in the correct “place”, ones body can achieve a significant amount more. Therefore I utilise other peoples strength from their endeavours and aim to achieve far more than I initially thought I (or others) could do. When the going gets tough (even in the training phase), I often think of the hardships others have endured and my “pain” becomes insignificant (due to its relativeness). It's very important though to plan, organise and physically train hard otherwise no amount of mind power will work. Therefore think what is needed to ahieve your paradigm shift!

Sir Ran Fiennes – it's actually all his fault that I'm here -  reading his autobiography Living Dangerously in the Lake District many moons ago was the catalyst for my climbing – somehow from reading his exploits I decided to go to the mountains for my exploring/adventure (by the way the The Feather Men is also a great read – especially the twist at the end!)

Lance ArmstrongLivestrong!, need I say more – my main man who keeps me cycling (nowhere) on my tacx) for hours on end

Another Sir – Ernest Shackleton, the big impact statement - "A man must shape himself to a new mark directly the old goes to ground." - imagine thinking that after your ship has just been crushed by ice and has sank and you are in the middle of nowhere!

Lance Mackey- 5 time winner of the Iditarod (ps - this is on my radar!) - a race of over a thousand miles across Alaska (with 16 dogs). Another Lance and another cancer survivor (albeit a little controversial) but his ability to hang in there in the toughest conditions will be something I will take with me to Shishapangma.

Some others,but more about them later
Tom Hopkins
Stephen R. Covey
Robert Toru Kiyosaki

So with all of this, reaching the summit of Shishapangma should be easy! Only time will tell...

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