Thursday, April 8

Rainbow Trust says a big Thank you

I'm blown away! 21% of £5,000 already - thanks very much now also to Shryash, Taoufik, Sonal, Kirti, Yuri and Geoff!
Anyone not in the UK can also donate with a CR card, only UK tax payers "give" the extra - for those out of the UK just deduct any forex fees and leave the nett for the Rainbow Trust. Rainbow Trust
I have seen the (individually made) badges I'm going to give to the Trust for their next Kilimanjaro trip - they are great and I really hope they like them and can generate further income to support their great work. People donating will also receive a "Shisha" badge
The T shirts are being prototyped, so will see them on my return - printed rather than embroidered

So from Kathmandu, thanks again and all the best!

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