Tuesday, April 20

Quote sent in by Mumsie (Wendy)

Mark, you have come through so many different trials and you have beaten them all and we are therefore confident that this one, you will overcome.

I quote “To climb on the highest hills is to realise a kinship with Nature. Penalties and pains may attend such a realization, but these make the eventual consummation all the more vital and joyful, for it is the immutable law of the universe that only through striving and suffering shall man learn to realise himself, to gain in awareness, to enlarge his moral stature, to discover truth and joy.

With gasping lungs and failing breath a man may one day tread the highest point of the earth, but he will tread it in no spirit of a conqueror, but humbly and thankfully, knowing that a power has been given to him capable of animating him not only to the full extent of his natural strength, but far beyond that strength.” (Frank S. Smythe)

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