Wednesday, April 21

Day 8 – ABC – Depot

Hooray a good night sleep!
Kami leaves for Depot camp early with extra supplies and I follow with a load at about 9:00. I enjoyed the trek but continual wind in face does take a little out of one. Sherpa's from the other groups are intending to set up camp I for their clients today. So for some of them it entails an early start from ABC, pass through Depot, carry on to Camp I, setup tents and then return the whole way back to ABC. They are amazing people who do the most enduring work but always with a smile. I rely on all sorts of triggers or stimulants and blah blah,but they just get up and do it! It would be interesting to see the statistics of those who have climbed without Sherpa support... They have provided people/clients with experiences, visuals and achievements that would not have been possible with them.

Departing ABC - Shisha ever present

Met Kami along the way

Rest stop not strop

Penitentes road

Sort out Depot camp with the mound of gear that is now building up. Other than the wind, weather remained clear until mid afternoon. Spend my time watching climbers on their way up to Camp I. It looks a peaceful journey as they wind their way through seracs and crevasses but they have to keep their eyes open for any signs of danger lurking below the snow.

Good weather on arrival at Depot Camp - view up to Camp I

Unfortunately the weather turns – windy and starts to snow! This affects the climbers on the route as they now establish Camp I much earlier – probably at about 6,400m. The bad news for me is that its likely that their tracks will be covered up, and I won't be able to take advantage of their hard work, route finding and of any crevasses they may have found. Its a real shame as I was right on target... By the end of the day conditions are not pleasant, so I snuggle into my tent to enjoy my new expeditionfoods stock. If the weather clears, I can at least cross the Penitentes and leave a load on the other side – that will be my plan...

Depot kitchen view

Depot kitchen in action - Another Best of British Tasty, light and I was really full afterwards!

Creature of the night, hmmm, I'll let you guess what it is...

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  1. Major Pee1:40 pm

    Cono or Kami, impossible to tell with that gear. he looks happy so i guess that it is kami contemplatinmg his stipend. Ram is too old/slow for such duties - u wld hv done better paying me the USDs. Petere


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