Tuesday, April 20

Day 7 – ABC – Rest

Another bad night – now not only “dreaming” but started to create mucus plugs. As I'm feeling so good it's not any form of odoema but rather another very frustrating and irritating infliction (wordage compliments of Major Hume) that keeps me awake (and half the camp due to my retching, spluttering and gagging). Again the joys of high altitude climbing! If I carry on at this rate I will sleep continuously for four days when I get back to a reasonable altitude...

So a rest day today (without sleeping – as that will make tonight even harder to “negotiate”) carrying out final planning for trip to Camp I. Plan is to go back to Depot camp tomorrow (with load for Camp I), sleep there and then cross penitentes and ascend and establish Camp I on Thursday 22nd. Spend one night at Camp I and return to ABC next day.

Other news is that Major Hume will be returning to BC on Thursday. I hope he has enjoyed the “outing”. I'm sure he now has a good insight to this high altitude malarkey and that he received good value for his “fare” for the trip. Interestingly on the trip to date, I still have not achieved the Major's personal altitude record (5,895m on Kilimanjaro – 4 times nog al!)

Scott and Nicole on way to establish Camp I - Scott assisted with diagnosis and reassurance re the mucus plug!


Tibetan Snowcock - regular ABC visitors

Raven on the lookout

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