Saturday, April 3


Dear All
So we have reached the village of Langtang (3,450m) after 6 hours of trekking. A good trail  all the way and the gradient not too onerous. Google Earth location N28 12 57.2 E85 30 23.7
Plenty of Rhododendrons all in flower. Saw a troop of white monkeys - a first for me in Nepal.

So have already had two dreams - which unfortunately I don't remember, but both left me in a startled woken state. Have also been playing back days from previous expeditions during the days walk. Its good to get prepared for the upcoming "slog" and to remind myself of what's required. I do though already have some negative thoughts creeping in - be nice to come back after the trek.
But we will have none of that!
This year is going to be good. I can already see that dark blue clear sky when I look out of my tent at camp III on the morning of summit day. Funny how destiny has already decided so many things. Tibet (China) decided that the border would be open on the 10th. Next major milestone will be what day the yaks arrive at BC. This is all relevant as I will summit approximately 25 days after arriving at ABC - therefore will the weather conditions be favourable on that day.

So plans are to go to Kyanjing Gompa tomorrow for two days. There is a nearby "hill" called Tsergo Ri from which on a clear day it is possible to see Shisha, which we hope to climb.
All the best

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