Tuesday, April 7

Trekkers day - by Sonal Amin

Crimson dawn wakens sleepy trekker
Yak bells lull slowly, broken by sharp cries of cockerel call
As he unfurls himself gathering and packing for another day
He walks, he walks, he walks
Head bent low, step by step he walks
Occasionally he pauses and breathes in the vista
High and low the mountains unfold, deep valleys and gorges, rivers and 
dotted farms
Onwards he follows the Yak trail, pass the Sherpas, Porters laden with 
their business
They gather by the stove, tales and stories shared
Each evening they merge, adventures told in the heat of the stove.
Hearty tales and hearty food, all retire cocooned in their bags for 
another day...


  1. Anonymous9:47 pm

    mum how sweet! miss you

  2. You were right! I heard a cockerel on the way down...


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