Thursday, April 16

Trek Day 15 & 16 - Roaming above Thame, then back to Lukla

A little earlier than normal - 9:00am, as going to go all the way down
to Namche. Have requested "single" expedition quote for Navin of Explore
Himalaya. Hopefully no surprises there!
Follow the Bhote Koshi river down the valley. Potatoes planting has
begun in Mingmo, and planters will slowly work their way up the valley
as it gets warmer. Fantastic peaks to the East - see some great
waterfall ice. Possible trip for the future - Location Google Earth -
N27 51 41.2 E086 38 38.5
Just above Thame, a village has almost been isolated by extreme erosion
by the river. Take a short cut to this village by crossing the Bhote
Koshi river - cold but with boots no issues - half way up thighs. In end
short cut requires second crossing back and hence ends up being a "long"
cut. Great just to be out exploring on my own - hardly see anyone along
the way...
Catch main trail back just above Thame. Certainly a lovely but different
valley - glacier shaped rather than V shaped as by the Bhote Koshi river.
Sorry that "family" did not meet in Thame - think would have been a
restful experience, but with little side one day adventures if required.
Thame is at 3,820m, so certainly feeling the thicker air. Then back
across Bhote Koshi at official crossing point - bridge over deep gorge
with smooth eroded rocks. Left a prayer flag for Mum & Dad tied to the
Next village is Thamo 3,493m, which also has a monastery. Got dehydrated
as kept looking for a nice (view) lodge to stop, but most closed. Not
sure why this route no very popular - does not have the T shirt draw
card of Kalar Patar perhaps - fine by me though.
A little further down recognised Major Hume who had walked up the trail
from Namche to meet me - drank all of his water! Great to see him - pity
we had not met up earlier for a pass or two...Arrive Namche and met up
with James for & Peter for dinner & beers...

Nothing much to report on next day as we all "mosied" back down to Lukla
- strange feeling will I be back? Stayed with Dawa again - prime Lotse 3
bedroomed suite

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