Sunday, April 5

Trek Day 05 - Mong La (3,940m) to Luza (4,350m)

Another 9:20am start. This after the most spectacular amphitheatre of
mountain views. Dropped down to the Dudh Koshi river at the junction to
Phortse.Have now rigged my solar panel to the back of my backpack so now
have a electric 4x4 powering me up the hills. So far the equipment is
all working well. I just need to refine the use thereof. i.e. how to get
the most out of the power I generate from the sun - split this between
the notebook and Bgan satellite receiver/transmitter.
Now walking through the last of the Rhododendron forests that we will
see for a while. The next section around Tenga is really beautiful, with
waterfalls and springs coming down the mountain side. As we are here
early spring these waterfalls were all frozen, and if I had had my ice
tools with me would have presented some exiting challenges. The route
meandered up and down through Dole (4,110m) where we had lunch and
Lhabarma ( (4,330m). Luckily the last section follows the contours and
soon we were at Luza. Again a sign of the times (altitude), a helicopter
approached and took a sick trekker back down the hill.
Copy paste into Google Earth
Luza - N27 53 36.5 E086 43 09.5

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