Tuesday, April 7

Trek Day 07 & 08 - Gokyo & Gokyo Ri "Peak" 5,360m

Google Earth Gokyo: N27 57 15.0 E086 41 39.7
Casual start to climb the 5,360m "hill" above the "resort" of Gokyo.
Clear skies, freshly snow covered hills from previous night.Couple of
groups ahead of us so trail easy to spot.Quite a struggle going up even
though pack only has necessities in it - reminds me of the forthcoming
slog up from Depot Camp to Camp I on Shishapangma! Oh boy and its all
voluntary...Funny how thoughts of just giving up creep in, but one has
to fight them and persevere through the negativeness.
Luckily there are distractions - the magnificent view!
Due East I spot on the horizon some plumes of white cloud which seem
familiar. Each step upwards reveals a little more and eventually the
tiny triangle of Mount Everest summit appears. It's certainly blowing a
gale up there, what with its top protruding into the jet stream -
certainly a spectacular sight! I wonder if I will ever stand on the top,
or will Shisha's summit satisfy my quest for standing above 8,000m?

At Gokyo Ri's summit we have clear visuals of 3 of the worlds eight
thousanders - Cho Oyu, Everest and Makalu, plus a "what" of other high
peaks. Anyone know the collective noun for mountain peaks/summits?
Sonal did an amazing job and soon was also at the top - I know it was a
hard slog but the views were well worth it.

I took it very easy the next day as was feeling a little lethargic -
probably due the high altitude. Sonal took a walk around the 3rd lake -
Dudh Pokhari.
In the evening, as Sonal was departing the next day, I organised some
Sherpa singing and dancing for her immanent birthday on the 11th. It was
a great success and enjoyed by all the lodge guests!

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