Monday, April 6

Trek Day 06 - Luza (4,360m) to Gokyo (4,790m)

Yep getting some height now - almost as high as Mont Blanc!
Google Earth for Luza: N27 53 36.5 E086 43 09.5
Short walk from Luza to Machermo but its in a valley so have to drop
down and then climb back up again. Stop at Phang (4,480m) for nice hot
drink - Mother with her little son relaxing on mattress in the sun...
Then about 6km up to Gokyo. Fantastic views and weather. Caught up with
Sonal at 2nd "Gokyo" Lake. Had just been up a staircase to heaven" -
very exposed as one climbs just next to the glacier snout - more rock
quarry like than ice.
Lakes lovely blue colour but as early spring still
covered in ice - move around and create little "floes".
Not clear whether Tibet open for any climbing at this stage! Also seems
to be a requirement that members on same climbing permit need to enter
Tibet together - not going to be possible as I will still be Khumbu
region trekking - hopefully not a show stopper.

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