Sunday, April 12

Trek Day 12 - Action, bag found, Nangpa La here we come - Camp I

Up with the sun again - no need to rush things
Nima Tenji arrives after having checked that the folks got safely on the
plane to KTM. Note, this after two full days of walking!
He had gone via Arya and found my kitbag - great news as we can go
onward and upwards for some unfinished business on the Nangpa La!
Nima Tenji had found one of the daughters who happened to pop into their
"lower" abode and made contact. She sleeps higher up where the Yaks are
grazing. Pack up and share gear, me mainly carrying CTU and off on the
hardly used trail up to the Nangpa La. It used to be one of the main
trails between Tibet and Nepal, with the Tibetans bringing supplies to
sell at the weekly market at Namche Bazaar.Unfortunately this seems to
have stopped!
Back in September 2007 I tried (in vain) with Major Hume to get to the
top of the pass. With no lodges on the way one needs to camp and carry
all required supplies.
Its great to be "alone" on the trail just with these incredible vistas.
On either side of the valley that we are ascending are lines of 6 to 7
thousand meter peaks. We do our first foray across a relatively small
glacier moraine with no difficulty. The trail is "clear" (marked with
Yak dung) which is good news if remains that way.
Camp I was pitched at next to stream at N27 58 44.1 E086 36 51.3 at
4,812m a height which I'm now completely comfortable which is great.
Listen to Half Dome 1985 Lighting fiasco audible book on iPod - man
alive, then rough night as hips not used to hard cold ground due to
Thermarest going flat. The joys of camping...

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