Friday, April 10

Trek Day 10 - Marulung

Promise photo's are coming soon! Have had amazing blue skies so some
lovely scenes...
Hope you all had a good Easter - missed the radar here
As wrote in my diary decided to stay (in Maralung) today, to relax,
think, contemplate...
First day since I left London that I don't have to worry about anyone else.
Techie Hose has his iPhone playing his "movies" play list and office now
set-up with the Yaks in the back yard - doing my bit for global warming
by utilising the solar panel to charge ll my equipment. Although is an
extra 7kg (on top of all the other required gear) I'm now comfortable
using it all. I'll do a gear review later on. James,any rules require
checking, I still have my remote access - ha ha
Interesting watching the family "day" - amazing how different from our -
and interestingly no real urge to change..It's probably not that easy as
all driven by volume of tourists/trekkers but do feel that with the time
they do have, could utilise better and probably bring in more
revenue...If anyone is interested, I do have some ideas of by us giving
some time, some big improvements could be made to the Nepali's standard
of living...maybe even tax deductible - so if interested send me an email
Have just shared by spaghetti lunch with the family cow - she seems to
especially like the egg bits!

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