Saturday, April 11

Trek Day 11 - Lungde the hidden village

This illusive (on way down from Renjo Pass) village is actually only 50
minutes back but up the trail. It's slightly raised from the main route
hence my missing it. Anyway glad now that I have stayed in Maralung as
have met and shared some time with a lovely Sherpa family - Ang Phurba
Sherpa (father), Lhakpa Futi Sherpa (mother), Ang Chhutin Sherpa
(daughter 1), Pasang Dikee Sherpa (daughter 2) and last but not least
Sanche Khadka Sherpa (son)
Leave my pack at middle lodge and take CTU up the hill (300m vertical)
to get some comms - aka Mark Bauer
Must be a real sight sitting in the middle of know where with all this
gear, chatting away. At least I could snuggle behind the solar panel to
keep out of the cool wind. Long hat to Mrs H which was great - rats!
Zens hitting the hot spots of London as well!
Back down to first lodge - still no sign of my kitbag with all my
camping gear - came the alternative way so that I did not have to lug it
over the Renjo pass. Think its locked in someone's lodge who is not here
today - sure it will turn up, this is Nepal!

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