Tuesday, April 14

Trek Day 14 - All the way down to Maralung

Magic morning, clear, no wind. Slow pack up, discuss and continue
renegotiating finances with Nima Tenji - agreement!
Thereafter in my usual style, decide to "beetle" down the valley. As
this (Nangpa La) objective is "over" need to start focussing on next -
Have felt extremely good so far - no issues, therefore a great platform
for climbing. Just hope the rest can be sorted out.
Walk - 10:00 to 13:45, this after picking up bag left at Arya. Met Pemba
II's wife at Arya lodge.
On arrival at Maralung agree that Nima Tenji can carry on down to home
below Lukla- Maybe will see him later on Shisha.

Although is great to be in the Nangpa La valley for acclimatising not
sure I will be back. It would be significantly more pleasant to achieve
"something". But as this trek is really about getting ready to climb,
think I have achieved a great platform - fitness, acclimatised and
"mountain legs".

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