Saturday, April 4

Trek Day 04 - Namche Bazaar (3,440m) to Mong La (3,940m)

Depart 9:20 and decide via majority vote to take the long route to Mong
La via Khumjung (3,780m). Instead of a gentle contour path, this route
consists of a steep track upwards at the back of Namche.
Today was
market day, but the Tibetan influences normally found at the market are
missing due to the lack of traffic through the Nangpa La. Major Hume was
meant to be at Namche today but unfortunately due to flight delays into
Lukla he is not with us. By the way La means pass.
Climb up past the hardly used Khumjung runway, through yak pastures and
then down steep stone steps into the village. Its always the case, down
to go up, but that's life in the Himalayas.
New altitude records of 3,830m for most of the group!
Dad found the ascent hard going, but this is to be expected when
entering the high Himalayas. Aclimitising is not always easy and one
never knows where ones own limit is. The past also does not predict the
future and even having been high is no guarantee that one will be able
to go back. In Sir Hillary's later life he was not able to return to the
places he so influenced. As a note its one of my objectives of the climb
to Shisha's summit - to see how I can can go. So far I've only been to
6,500m (camp I on Shisha and camp II on Koskulak).
With hindsight now it seems Raymond's limit was around 3,400m. This
though for an 84 year young man is incredible. When we entered the
National Park, they record all entrants including their ages and other
than Wendy, he was by far the oldest by 25 years.
Wendy was the surprise, but thinking a little about it why should she be
such a surprise. She stoically strode step by step upwards, with never
any sound of compliant. Nima was a star and was always by her side, they
were often hand in hand. I must mentioned that Mumsies vision in her one
eye is very poor, in fact she does not have much depth of field at all.
This makes walking up and down rough terrain very difficult. I can't
even walk upright on one of the largest trails in the Peak District!

I have the most utmost respect for my folks in attempting this challenge
so late in their lives. They can be very proud of what they have
achieved and I can guarantee they will never forget the sights they saw
and experiences they partook in. I am also very pleased that they have
now shared with me this wonderful country Nepal. Well done guys, 10 uur
and 12 uur will never quite be the same again!

So where is this all going. Well Wendy and Ray decided to go back down
to Namche Bazaar. Sonal and I continued to Mong La. Yes as the name
implies this is on the top of a pass, so its a long haul upwards. Major
Hume and I stayed here back in 2007, and I remember the steep ascent on
the other side. In fact I had to bribe the Major with a hot Thermos of
tea to get him up to the top, which he did admirably. Its a beautiful
spot and when I get the photos uploaded you will be able to join in the

Google Earth:
Mong La - N27 50 23.5 E086 44 09.3

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