Saturday, April 18

Back to Kathmandu again - Sights, sounds and smells and very disappointing news!

Luckily we all got out, albeit on different flights this morning from
Lukla. My flight quite bumpy due to fat cumulonimbus clouds along the
way. Shower, 5h1t shave and shampoo - fresh clothes! Always nice to get back
after a trip, especially if been roughing it up a bit.

Discussions with Navin, don't go very well - price for expedition has
had to triple due to me being solo. Tempted to pay but opportunity cost
just to ridiculously high! Its crazy though to come all this way, get
physically and mentally prepared and then be faced with this. Even if I
agree to pay, its still not certain how quick climbing permits will be
released - could end up waiting weeks - this was the main reason why
Andrew Lock decided to cancel. Yes the mountain will still be there, but
I'm not getting any younger. My first attempt was in 2006, so if I try
again in 2010 - that's 4 years!

So its odd feelings... Obviously will be great to see Claire (and I have
already missed her very much), but potentially a great time to be up a
mountain instead of fretting over the UK job market. Another month away
will give it more time to rebalance - something I believe it needs to do

The drought over the winter months would have meant that the mountain
may have been "clean". Too much snow on the last attempts were
contributory reasons for not having summited. Yes it would have meant
that the crevasses would have been more exposed, but with careful
route-finding and placing adequate protection these risks could have
been reduced. The "valley" above camp II is often a slog and often
impassable if on ones own, but this year might have been perfect. Oh to
be at camp III looking up towards the summit! Rats rats and more

So not a happy bunny!

Even worse I now have to repack i.e.unpack....

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  1. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Well here we are back in Swellendam, It is 22nd April, 2009 Wendy Hose reporting.
    Today is election day in S.A. and we have duly voted for a better Government.
    We are amazed to read of your exploits, I have always found that quarries are horrid to walk over! All those rocks and boulders! Hosey and I are now looking through the photos and remembering all the lovely sights and sounds of dear Nepal. What a fascinating place it is and with such charming people, who go out of their way to make you feel at home. Come home safe and sound to all your dear ones, especially to our dear Claire, who is a saint to allow you all this freedom. Happy Birthday on the 27th April 2009.
    Posted by Wendy at 15:31 PM


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