Thursday, September 6

Zhangmu, Nyalan then off to Base Camp

Well we are almost through the "hell", that is Zangmu and Nyalam (Hells neighbour). Chinese Windows menu option make for interesting selection so hopefully this "Blog" will get published. It seems my blog page is blocked in this part of the world????!

After leaving KTM we arrived at the border post and thankfully got though all the red tape that they put in front of us. Then into my favourite spot - Zangmu - wondefull surprise - "they" are rebuilding the road so its closed during the day, therefore we would do the perilous jorney at night. But the good news was that we would not stay more than 5 hours in the hell hole. We eventually arrived in Nyalam just after midnight after a fairly eventful journey. The road is so narrow, that when vehicles meet going in opposite directions, a conference is held as to who will back up. These "conferences" can take some time. Anyway we eventually reached Nyalam at about 1:00am.

Anyway, we did a good aclimitisation walk up to 4,300m today and all were feeling pretty good. I'm travelling with Tristan (Scottish) who hopes to be the youngest Scot to climb Everest next year, Francis (Canada) and Paul (Australia) and about 10 Sherpas. It will be a big group and I'm pretty glad that I have the opportunity to be independent.

The food is not particularly my favourite at the enforced restaurant where we eat, so i have been enjoying momo's at a local nepali restaurant. Tristan has tought us a new card game called sh1thead which has been keeping us amused for hours. We are much more civilised than the Lhasa crowd and have not (yet) resorted to any toilet humour as seems to be the case with them. I won't start describing the accommodation, especially the room that Francis and Paul are sleeping in... Its interesting how (as per Jamie) the Pakistani's welcome you with open "hands" and will do anything, where here it is quite the opposite. Silly to miss such an opportunity to promote ones country, especially with the Olympics comming up...

Hopefully we leave for BC early tomorrow morning, when I will get my first taste of the Freedom of the Hills. This year without being sick!. I'll then post some pics through Jamie's sat setup.



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