Monday, September 3

Leave for Tibet tomorrow!

Yep, we eventually flew out of Lukla after only one days wait - very lucky considering monsoon season. Have had a couple of days to organise final bits and bobs. Barrels left this morning, and I leave first thing tomorrow. One night on Nepal/Tibet border and then 2/3 in Nyalan. Next updates will be via satellite phone via Raymond E (yes, thats if he prioritises things correctly) or via Jamies laptop at ABC.
I have been thinking about an alternative plan to try a light alpine ascent as a first attempt... A bit ambicious but will probably give me a lot of information about the mountain. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the donations to and for the sms messages. Yes some seem to get through.. Will keep you posted as soon as I can, but possibly a couple of days of no news
Check Jamies updates at


  1. Great work guys, are you sure you are not missing thinkFolio

  2. Mike Peacock9:15 am

    Mark, good luck. You'll be pleased to hear that we have 5 portfolios live on post trade now :-)


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