Thursday, September 27

Weather clears... Pending future forcasts onwards to Camp 2!

At 10h30 am local RSA time, Hoseman says: Weather has improved. Sky is clear. Shisha Peak too is clear but with a plume which indicates strong wind. Strong wind is OK as it will blow away the loose fresh snow. Sunshine too is OK as it will bake hard the settled snow.
I will be going to Depot Camp this afternoon. Then tomorrow will on to Camp 1 with full load of 2 tents, sleeping bags and stoves required to establish Camps 2 and 3. Will try and establish them if the weather remains favourable. However, there is no long-term forecast.
It is now 02h30 pm (Tibet) which allows me about 2 hours to get to Depot camp. I am going to pack now. Hope I won’t forget anything. Thanks for reminding me about the spoon.
The trail has had quite a bit of snow but I hope to have had some teams ahead of me. If other people will have been able to tramp down some of the snow, it will make the main trail so much more comfortable for me with my heavy load.
Currently experiencing bout of nervous energy, pumping adrenalin - even a bit of a nervous tummy.
Received your SMS about the full moon. Saw similar full moon here over Shisha.
Rest of group waiting for more consolidation.
Jamie has been ahead looking after the tents but will be coming down soon. Expedition expects to climb again in a couple of days.I have put something on the blog so have a look at it first before posting this blog.
Checked blogsite but found nothing newer than Full Moon. So, here goes - Publish Post!

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