Sunday, September 16

Update from Advanced Base Camp

Depot Camp

View up towards Camp I through Penitentes

Have now had 3 nights at ABC and all is going very well. I'm feeling little
more pressure as I get closed to Depot Camp. After Depot camp I cross the penitentes and
am actually on the then will really feel that I'm on the mountain! It's our Puja tomorrow
(where we oay our respects to the mountain) and then one is "allowed" to start to climb. I
think the date will tie into the new moon. There is a possibility that we will have a full moon
near a summit attempt.

I'm thinking/planning to move (all my gear) to Depot camp. It can be a
little frustrating to be with the two large groups. Although being alone is difficult, I think
being "with"the large group is more distracting than beneficial. We have very different
agenda's even though we are climbing the same mountain.

My plan is as follows:
Either move all my gear (with assistance of the Tibetan cook support staff)
tomorrow or Monday. One night at Depot camp. Then "Alpine" load to Camp I - two nights.
Then same Alpine load to Camp II. I will then appraise the situation and make further
decisions. Thanks Edwin for SMS, yep "blondie" is me. Thanks also for donating to
Rainbow Trust.
Oje, lots of love to you, Andy and family!!!!!!
Sorry for lack of pics, but not seeming to have much luck with Jamies
bandwidth - will try reduce picture sizes even more....

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