Saturday, September 22


Final message from Hoseman to say weather reports are not optimistic what with typhoons elsewhere in Asia and reports of thick snow above Camp 2. We all know however that weather forecasters don’t always get it right. If the weather won’t let you do it there’s nothing you can do about it. One just has to be philosophical – either sit in camp and wait it out or take a risk and face the consequences.
Important clarification: After spending two days in Camp 1, arrived here yesterday afternoon.
Propose to now spend two days at ABC formulating a new plan, weather permitting. Today is Day 1, tomorrow will be Day 2. Intend to reach Camps 2 and 3 but will have to spend time acclimatising at Camp 2.
Think the British team has a chance of summiting round about 26 SEP but again that depends on the weather. End of message.

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