Wednesday, September 26

Shishapangma weather update from ABC

Well after months of training, weeks of trekking, days of climbing, the
weather rules the roost! Unfortunately a "system" has come in - in response
to a low pressure storm in the Bay of Bengal, and dumped a fair amount of
snow all over the mountain. Its interesting how this affects one.

I should have by now established Camp II and be pretty much aclimitised to 7000m. I
will now have to wait until all this instability consolidates before going
back up "the hill". Hopefully the British Team (who were just about to push
for the summit) will be keen to get back up and forge a new trail. Jamie's
Sherpa's are also very ready - after many days of waiting. I'm keen that the
crevasses are well marked before going back up again - likely they will have
some thin snow bridges over them at the moment - not good for a single

So I'm trying to keep the motivation levels high - lots of temptation to get
back home. I don't want to come back to Shisha so do want to give this
attempt my best shot! Writing down the number of remaining days does give me
some hope that there is still a chance.

As a note my Camp I is still ok - Jamie has very kindly checked it - he was
on a later aclimitisation trip with two other team members

Thanks again to all those that have sent sms's and for all the good wishes -
its great sitting on ones own and suddenly getting a beep that a new message
has arrived on the phone...

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