Tuesday, September 11

Day 5 - Base camp - Tue 11th

Very hot day, took walk with Francis and Clive Westwards of BC. Got to about 5,400, but had headache so decided to return back to BC. Round trip approximately 5 hours. Hit my toe while crossing freezing river, but hopefully won't need it for the climb. A year ago I broke my thumb on the way to Depot camp - oh well....
Possible that I will go with first Yak load to ABC tomorrow. Might be a bit tired after todays walk, so will have to wait and see - its about a 20km trek.

Met this guy herding Yaks in the middle of nowhere

Watching the world go by

Middle of nowhere


  1. Heh Hoseman
    Your partner just arrived back in the office...

    Are you missing thinkFolio yet?

  2. major hume11:17 am

    yo, captain hose, major hume reporting from london - ear's court department. liked the blog - some excellent pictures there, particularly those which i took.

    bizzarely, after three clear weeks in nepal i got the runs as soon as i got home - i blame the Qatar airways food. probaly i shouldn't have tried the fish - remember what happened to the crew in Airplane?

    anyway immodium does the trick.....

    good to see that you have not yet joined Odzi the famous swiss/italian iceman in a glacier.

    not sure about this rapid ascent alpine style technique which you describe. what has happened to the slow and steady does it way that has stood South Africans in such good stead over the centuries?

    where do you get these new-fangled ideas from? still you can always pick up new ideas and techniques, even in Nepal.

    you will not be surprised to hear that i have found several typos on the hose blog - i will list these out for you as a learning opportunity for when you get back.

    i hope that you are trying out the fly-speckled Neplai salami which we bought in KTM. i saw another party at the Marshyangdi Hotel(please note correct spelling - see above re spelling, etc.) who had about twenty of the same so you are on a calorific winner there, my boy.

    spoke to Mrs Hose very briefly as she was geting ready for the trip to RSA . she was pleased to hear that i had brought back one of the cameras but disappointed that it was not her own camera which you had nicked. i will deliver same to her on her return. at least she will have something to remind her of you until yuo get bcak - i will give her that pee bottle that you left in my bag, as well, in a similar vein.

    on monday i return to New Star, albeit briefly - you still remember that little place up in Knightsbridge, i guess? work seems to be a dim and distant memory after the nepal trip. i lost eight pounds weight whilst there(3.5 kilos to Metricians like wot you are). must go back soon and do the Annapurna circuit and lose some more weight.

    well, take care my boy - as Leslie Neilsen says in airplane "Good luck and i just want to say that we are all counting on you".

    come home safe and remember you can't change Nepal/Thibet but it can change you.


    Major Hume - aka Peter.


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