Tuesday, September 18


Hoseman certainly knows how to pick his dates. No sooner does he announce his engagement to Cybershehose in April 1998 than he trips off to Nepal to do the Everest Base Camp route with a gratuitous ascent of Imja Tse at the other end. Now, on the eve of his ninth wedding anniversary, where do we find him – why, back in the Himalayas! This time on Mount Shishapangma. What does a loving wife do in such circumstances? Happy anniversary, Mark and Claire!
Major Peter has been spreading the word back home. Here is his email message to friends with an early reply from Mary White (Senior Compliance Manager) who says:
“Thanks Peter, we have all been thinking about him – please can you pass on our best wishes when you speak to him next.”
From Major Peter on 17 September: “I just had a call from Mark Hose at 5,800 metres on Shisha Pangma. On his own in a tent, in the snow, in the dark but sounded fine. Only him and Sherpas out on the mountain today – all the other climbers had stayed in their tents but that is not Mark’s way. He has been higher than 5,800 metres today then came back down, having left some gear higher up – go high, sleep low is the maxim for altitude safety. He is still toying with the idea of an Alpine Style dash for the summit (i.e. carrying enough gear for a few days so as to enable a rapid ascent, then descent) as opposed to the careful laying down of depots so that he has support and safety on Shisha Pangma. No doubt we will hear more of his exploits/progress in the days to come.
Back home we raise a glass of wine in a toast!

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