Saturday, May 8

Safe at Camp 1

Mark has arrived safely at Camp 1 after his journey from Depot Camp...about to have a cup of tea and snuggle into his tent. He said his energy levels were not the highest.

He had also seen a climber fall down a crevasse which was not nice to see... his climbing partners helped him get out. He came out covered in snow and ice after falling to a depth of 4 metres with a frightening further 15 metres below!

There has been a lot of snow over the last few days and some bad weather forecast.

I am so proud of him!

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  1. makor Pee10:14 am

    plus uwe and kono have both summitted - their decision to use sherpas and oxygen (in Kono's case), plus their decision to stay higher up shisha pangma, despite the poor weather seems to have paid off .....................


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