Saturday, May 1

Day 18 Camp II to ABC – Its the weekend!

Summing up, it took about 12h 37m to get up from ABC to Camp II over the last few days, well it took 4h 10m to get back - hooray for gravity

Icy tent Camp II interior

Camp II mess..

More mess

cozy, not...

Next morning Camp II with flags

Looking up valley wall

Up at 6:00, usual routine for getting stuff organised – nice that this time nothing to take except what is needed at lower Camps. I also always carry certain gear – big puffa etc. Dav Summit skiers flash past at 8:00 after checking all ok with me. They will take 20 mins to get back to Penitentes! Uwe and Nima (their Sherpa) arrive (on time, Germans you know) at 8:04 and offer I join their rope to go down – accepted as saves worrying about those nasty crevasses!

Ropeman Uwe

Ropeman Nima

Uwe on top spot in Penitentes

Quick stop at Camp I (Scott & Nicole on way up to CII) & Depot then back down in time for lunch to ABC – 1.2km descent! As a note, I could have spent another night at CII to assist with later acclimitisation but for some reason changed my plan... Ended up being a lucky move due to adverse weather on the mountain.

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