Sunday, May 2

Day 19 ABC

Lightning and thunder last night, Snowed ABC couple of inches. Shishapangma in cloud today. So hence why I say I was lucky in timing! Teams starting to discuss summits plans. Kono going up today to commence her attempt! Hear Spanish lady has arrived and that her Sherpas are already en-route to Camp I
I will be taking into account all information I get over the next few days.
I also have the decision of whether to 1. move Camp II to Camp III – I.e. Follow Major's alpine dash proposal, or 2. carry my Penitentes Camp up to Camp III – more on this later.

Thanks for reading and apologies for poor frequency of updates – ABC is still cold and has limited sunny days, hence my lack of power is the main reason...

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  1. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Mate, you're a real trooper. Take care please.

    Dan M


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