Friday, May 7

Day 24 ABC to Penitentes Camp - phase one of six on Summit Bid

Firstly must report that we are watching Uwe (Dav Summit) with his Sherpa Nima and Kono (Japan) with her two Sherpas, Rinje & Passang on their summit bid. The are currently approaching the Gendarme which is a large  pyramid shaped black rock

My attempt
Yes it has all come down to this...
Firstly an entry date of the 10th April that was determined by the Chinese Tibet Mountaineering Association
Then a good first session establishing Camps I & II
A week then of poor weather (snow rather than high winds)
And now a day of mixed cloud but a clear mountain!

I'm a little apprehensive to say the least, but must break down the objective into manageable daily tasks. (looking up now at how high Kono & Uwe are is amazing!)

I'll b leaving later this morning for my Penitentes camp - I'm hoping to see a lot of other climbers on the trail - those that have also been waiting for the weather to change.

My plan is as follows:

Fri 7 - Penitentes Camp
Sat 8 - Camp I
Sun 9 - Camp II
Mon 10 - Move Camp II to a half way point up the valley (Camp 2.5)
Tue 11 - Move Camp 2.5 to Camp III
and yes finally a bid to get to 8,000m on Wednesday 12
A LOT has to go in my favour for this all to fall into place...
If I'm at Camp III on Wednesday am then I will start preparations at approx 3:30am Nepal time, leave the tent at approx. 5:00am Nepal time and then who knows...

So from sending this message, I will only be contactable on my Sat phone - do send me messages via the link on my blog page. The characters et cut off so recommend only type half what they say

Thanks for all of your support so far and thank you to all those who have donated so generously to he Rainbow Trust. I feel we have all made a difference...

Hoseman & Gromit (my trusty companion & navigator)

Arriving back at ABC after establishing Camp II at approx. 6,850m

Camp II view - looking along route to Camp II

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  1. Major Pee2:10 pm


    not that you will erad this until ABC .......

    well done - sounds likeagood ppan if the weather holds

    the others stole a march on you by staying up on Shisha when the weather must have been awful - hope they are not knackered .....

    speak to you next wednesday!



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